Lingual Braces: A Way to a Perfect Smile

Orthodontic treatment is quite convenient, especially because it offers different ways to achieve your perfect smile. One of those ways is with lingual braces. Lingual braces are just like traditional metal braces but instead of having the brackets cemented to the front surfaces of the teeth and connected by a... Read more »

Got Braces? Here Are the Details of Your Dental Checkups

If you’re aligning your teeth with braces, then you need to make your routine dental checkups a top priority. This is because they help you have the strong, healthy and top-notch smile, oral health and braces you need. They also help you prevent major dental issues, which can help you... Read more »

Making Malocclusion Right

What is Malocclusion? An occlusion basically means "bite," or how the teeth fit together when the upper and lower jaw close. And, if you've ever learned any basic spanish you know that "mal" means "wrong," "evil," or "bad." So, a malocclusion is a bad bite. One in five people have... Read more »

Why Delaying Orthodontic Treatment can Harm Your Child’s Smile

While you may typically see teens and preteens sporting braces and other orthodontic appliances, the ideal age group for orthodontic treatment is actually much younger. Children as young as seven should see the orthodontist for an exam to receive early treatment before issues become severe. At this age in a... Read more »

Plan for A Straighter Smile With Invisalign®

If for any reason your teeth are out of alignment, it is important to a speak with an orthodontist to determine your orthodontic appliance options. If you are looking for an orthodontic appliance that will align your teeth without bulky equipment that includes brackets or wires, speak with your orthodontist... Read more »

Different Styles of Braces Can Correct Your Misaligned Teeth

Permanent teeth can sometimes emerge from the gums with minor to significant alignment differences between their partners in your bite pattern. Even if you learned to live with an unattractive smile in your teenage years the misaligned teeth could lead to significant complications later on in adult life. This might... Read more »

Simple Tips to Help Preserve Your Braces

An orthodontist like Dr. Park often uses the metal brackets, wires, and components of traditional braces to create an effective system for correcting misaligned teeth. This requires attending a regularly scheduled adjustment appointment every four to six weeks.   During each of these important sessions, your orthodontist will tighten your... Read more »

Traditional Braces Can Often Correct a Significant Overbite

Overbite and underbite issues with your child’s permanent teeth can be attributed to several things, including genetics and environmental factors. Also known as malocclusion, misaligned bites can leave your child with an unattractive smile and inefficient oral function. If these issues are not addressed in a reasonable amount of time,... Read more »

Cavities and Gum Disease Can Cause Complications While Correcting Your Teeth with Braces

When Dr. Park and his team initially installed your orthodontic braces in your mouth, it was just the first step in effectively correcting the alignment of your teeth. In order to adequately bring your teeth into their proper position and orientation, your braces will require routine tightening and adjustment. Any... Read more »

Why Brushing is Vital for a Top-Notch Smile When You Have Braces

If you’re curious to know why brushing is very important when you have braces, then our orthodontist, Dr. Park, is more than happy to help you. After all, brushing is recommended after every time you eat. That’s right, even after your snacks. To help you understand why, our orthodontist is... Read more »