Malocclusion: the Cause and Cure

What is a malocclusion? A malocclusion is a term for any misalignment of the teeth or jaw. Typical examples include overbites, underbites, crossbites and open bites. A malocclusion can arise from a multitude of causes. For some individuals is the effect of a small jaw and too many teeth. Anciently,... Read more »

Keep Tooth Decay at Bay When You Have Braces by Doing These Things

If you have braces, it’s very important to keep cavities at bay. That way you can maintain a top-notch oral health and smile while you align your teeth. To help you prevent cavities while you achieve the smile of your dreams, our orthodontist, Dr. Park, is happy to give you... Read more »

Looking for Orthodontic Treatment as an Adult? Visit Our Office Today!

Although it’s typically considered better to get braces when you are younger, you can get them at any age! A lot of people don’t know orthodontic treatment is available no matter how old you are as long as you fit the criteria for treatment. With the proper alignment, you can... Read more »

A Teen’s Tooth Extraction in Preparation for Braces

As your son or daughter grows into adolescence, their primary teeth are replaced with permanent teeth. When this happens, it’s possible for multiple teeth to emerge too close to each other, creating misalignment and crowded teeth. If this issue isn’t corrected, it can cause dental fractures, leading to enamel attrition... Read more »

The Secret Tips You Need to Effectively Clean Your Smile When You Have Braces

Braces can help you achieve the smile of your dreams, but they can also make keeping up on oral hygiene a little difficult. This is tough because oral hygiene is vital if you want a strong oral health and top-notch orthodontic results. So, to make things a little easier, our... Read more »

What Are the Necessary Steps When I’ve Broken My Braces Away From Home?

Orthodontic emergencies happen, even when you’re on vacation, and it’s best to treat the issue and improve the situation as soon as possible. Doing so can help you have a more convenient and relaxing trip. To help you take care of the problem, our orthodontist, Dr. Park, instructs you to... Read more »

Learn How Braces Can Improve Your Oral Health

Braces don't just straighten crowded or crooked smiles. They can, in fact, help your smile prevent or assist with a variety of oral health concerns. At the practice of Arizona Orthodontic Centers located in Phoenix, Arizona, we are pleased to work with people to not only beautify their smiles but... Read more »

A Retainer Will Be Needed After Your Teeth Have Been Corrected with Braces

The progressive tension applied to your teeth during your routine braces adjustments have gradually managed to stretch your periodontal ligaments. Now that this has effectively repositioned your teeth to their correct alignment, Dr. Park can remove your braces. However, there will still be a modest amount of tension in the... Read more »

The Benefits of Invisalign®

Malocclusion is defined as crooked teeth or a misaligned bite. If you have malocclusion, Dr. Park may recommend Invisalign® in Phoenix, Arizona, to help you reach a straight smile. Invisalign is a set of aligners that is designed specifically for your smile. They are worn over the teeth for 20... Read more »

Overcoming Bad Oral Hygiene with Clean Braces

Bad oral hygiene is a problem many individuals face, which can lead to many oral health disorders, including tooth decay and gum disease. If you are currently in the process of receiving orthodontic care, bad oral hygiene can even affect the functionality of your treatments, including braces. Here are some... Read more »