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Generally, the word “headgear” doesn’t evoke the happiest feelings. For example, if you are familiar with the movie Finding Nemo, you might remember a red-haired, freckled child named Darla. She wears headgear. She’s also a bit of a terror to the fish. It’s kind of awkward. You might also think of children in your school who wore headgear. Chances are that they were the opposite of popular.

Headgear isn’t very reputable in the social world, but it’s actually a rather glorious invention. Not quite convinced? Read on.

What is headgear exactly? It’s an orthodontic appliance with thick wires that extend outside the mouth. Dr. Park may recommend it to fix underbites and overcrowded teeth. Designs often vary.

Have you studied any physics? Then you may recall that to every action there is an equal reaction. When you stand on the floor, you place your weight on upon it. What you may not know is that the floor is pushing the same force back at you. In the same fashion, the wires on your braces cause your teeth to push and pull against one another, straightening your teeth and aligning your bite. As marvelous as braces are, however, sometimes they need help. That’s when headgear comes to the rescue. It provides extra support to your back teeth, fixing bite problems or crowded teeth in the front. The end result? A beautiful, healthy smile.

So next time someone disrespects headgear, tell them about this miracle of the mouth that’s at work.

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