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The braces installed in your mouth by Dr. Park and the orthodontic specialists at his orthodontic clinic are designed to gradually realign your teeth. Through each iterative adjustment, tension is applied to the braces and your teeth to move one step closer to their ideal orientations and positions.

Should you develop any tooth decay complications from poor oral hygiene habits, it could increase the number of adjustments needed to achieve your final smile.

Maintaining good oral hygiene with braces starts by brushing your teeth twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and abrasive toothpaste. It’s important to floss each night to remove residual food material and plaque buildup from your teeth as well as your braces hardware. Make sure to floss beneath the wires and along the gumline as well as behind your last molar.

If you’re struggling to clean a particular area, you might want to try using small interdental brushes. If wires or other hardware are making it hard to floss down into the gumline, you could try using a special floss threader loaded with waxed dental floss.

It’s also a good idea to avoid eating sticky foods and chewing gum. This can easily bend wires, loosen brackets, or pull a spacer out. Your braces can also be damaged and bent by chewing hard and crunchy foods. This also extends to bad habits like chewing on hard objects, like pencils and pens.

If you are struggling to maintain good oral hygiene habits with braces in Phoenix, Arizona, you can always call 623-877-8500 to seek further advice from a member of the staff at Arizona Orthodontic Centers.