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Orthodontic treatment is quite convenient, especially because it offers different ways to achieve your perfect smile. One of those ways is with lingual braces. Lingual braces are just like traditional metal braces but instead of having the brackets cemented to the front surfaces of the teeth and connected by a wire, they are cemented to the back surfaces of the teeth and connected with a wire. This makes it tough for those around you to see your orthodontic appliance.

Typically, this treatment can only benefit those who have longer teeth. This is because they need to provide enough room for your orthodontist to cement the brackets to the back surfaces. This treatment can also only benefit those who do not have excessive bite problems. In order to find out if you’re eligible for lingual braces, you need to schedule an appointment for an orthodontic exam.

There are plenty of advantages to lingual braces. They can align your teeth and give you the perfect smile you desire, and they can be easier to adapt to compared to traditional braces. This is because they don’t irritate the gums and oral tissues as much. However, your tongue might need some time to become used to the appliance. Another advantage to lingual braces is that they don’t usually get in the way when you play sports or a musical instrument.

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