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Overbite and underbite issues with your child’s permanent teeth can be attributed to several things, including genetics and environmental factors. Also known as malocclusion, misaligned bites can leave your child with an unattractive smile and inefficient oral function. If these issues are not addressed in a reasonable amount of time, the misaligned teeth could be increasingly prone to fractures and chronic dental problems.

Many cases of malocclusion can be addressed by installing traditional braces at Arizona Orthodontic Centers. This treatment strategy involves installing small metal brackets, wires, and other orthodontic hardware elements throughout the mouth.

If your child is uncomfortable with the metallic appearance of traditional braces, Dr. Park might be able to apply a porcelain glaze to the orthodontic components, making them more invisible to others.  

Once your child’s braces are installed, your child will need to return to Arizona Orthodontic Centers on a regular basis to have their braces tightened and adjusted. Each of these adjustments will gradually move your child’s teeth closer to their correct alignment.

When your child’s teeth are straightened and their bite is properly aligned, Dr. Park can uninstall the orthodontic component. Afterward, your child will need to use a retainer to help ensure that their teeth remain in their new position. The amount of time that your child needs to wear their retainer typically lasts the same amount of time it took to correct their alignment problem.

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