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Pain in your teeth can often be the result of a variety of oral health disorders. It can be the result of bruxism, which is teeth grinding while you are unconscious or sleeping, a TMJ disorder, which is a disorder of the joints within a jaw, or it may be an actual toothache. A true toothache is a condition caused by damage to your nerve endings within a tooth, which is oftentimes painful and long-lasting.

One common sign of a toothache is continued pain even after taking pain relievers and medications. Toothaches can sometimes be visually spotted in your mouth, and take the shape of inflammations or swelling around a tooth, abscess or discharge. If you have recently suffered an oral accident, then it is likely that a toothache may have occurred as the result of blunt trauma or other direct damage to a tooth.

Sometimes, toothaches can lead to other symptoms such as fevers, chills, and facial rashes. If you suspect that a toothache is to blame for your facial pain, seek out your dentist for further treatment.

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